Will They Trade Lastings?

I wonder if the mets will end up trading Lastings Milledge.  I don’t know that there are too many trades that I would agree with involving their most talented little thug, but the Mets have this new focuson chemistry (which, despite my Moneyballish "oh, there’s no such thing
as intangibles" thinking, I suspect may actually exist).  Willie Randolph is an old school guy.  The clubhouse is clearly enjoying the most remarkable spate of good vibes since the mid-80’s.  Most importantly, they’re winning.  Lots.

So I’m wondering if they may end up being ready and willing to deal their best prospect.  If the Mets open Lastings up to the trade market they suddenly become the
strongest team in the bigs in terms of what they have to offer.  Everybody wants the guy, and he’s clearly shown that he can hit big
league pitching.  I think the mets are going to become willing to trade
him.  Their willingness will increase the more obvious it becomes that
they’re a bona fide world series contending team.  They’re going to say
********** it, you know what?  We already have a shitload of young talent that
has proven it can hit the **** out of major league pitching, what the
**** do we need some statutory rapist high-fiving-the-fans gadfly who
can hit the **** out of major league pitching for?" 

(this is where it would be prudent for me to indicate that Lastings’ tainted past and his so-called "immature" actions after that remarkable home run do not concern me and I would never think to trade a talent such as his over such irrelevant past events)

The Nationals are apparently anxious to trade.  The obvious
player people think of when they think the Nationals and trade
opportunities is, naturally, Alfonso Soriano.  Now, granted, Soriano is an
absolutely ******* ridiculous talent and would immediately improve the Mets.  their lineup becomes simply retarded.

But the fact is that their lineup is already simply retarded.  If
you look top to bottom it’s almost hard to find a spot for Soriano.
From spots one through six, the Mets are well beyond solid (once Floyd is back), and you simply can’t bat someone like Alfonso Soriano seventh.  You’d negate his speed!  But you can’t bat him second, because Lo Duca’s talent for contact hitting trumps Soriano’s talent for the big moment.  And you can’t bat him leadoff, because you negate Jose Reyes.  And Reyes is established.

So I don’t think they can trade for Soriano.

But!  What about Mr. John Patterson?  A stupendous and relatively young starting pitcher for the Nationals, his campaign in 2005 made him an asset to Fantasy Baseball squads the nation over.  The Nationals would part ways with him for a talent like Milledge without batting an eye.  And, ultimately, perhaps the Mets should be interested in parting with Milledge for Patterson with a similar lack of eye batting.

Patterson’s 2005 campaign was outstanding.  He finished the year with 185 K’s in 198.1 IP, in which he gave up 172 hits.  His WHIP was a strong 1.19.  ERA 3.13.  BAA .233.  I won’t mention his Win-Loss record because, natch, he is a National. 

His 2006 campaign was gearing up to similar — perhaps even superior — levels when he was injured.  32 K’s in 25.2 IP.  17 hits.  .189 BAA.  0.86 WHIP. 

In short, he’s a **** fine pitcher.  Certainly superior to anyone in the Mets rotation not called Pedro Martinez or Tom Glavine (and perhaps superior to Glavine).  And the Mets could have him for Milledge.

And let’s be frank.  Milledge is a difficult personality and always will be.  I have no issue with difficult personalities — I am occasionally a difficult person myself — but in baseball that, for whatever reason, counts against you in the clubhouse.  And that means something.  While Milledge may end up being the greater player, Patterson would be the greater player for the 2006 Mets.  They probably don’t need another outstanding pitcher, but a third excellent starter would make them well-nigh unbeatable in the postseason.  And Patterson is relatively young — only 28 years old, which would make him the baby of the staff alongside Alay Soler.

Why not do this?  I await your comments.



  1. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Welcome to the MLBlogosphere and looking forward to more of your posts. Could be All-Star domination if Pujols can’t start at first and if Glavine or Pedro start on the hill. Hit up the community blog below if you ever have questions/comments about how this place works. Happy blogging!



  2. Chad

    They would have to be crazy to trade Lastings. He’s one of the hottest rookies right now. He is already one of the games greateest rookies besides Albert Pujols. he is my favorite rookie (So is Melky Cabrera).



  3. tommycostello2@yahoo.com

    your f’in crazy why would we trade the next daryl strawberry for the next mo vaughn
    this kid is amazin he aint going nowhere i gaurantee it you should watch a mets game we dont need to trade the farm for another lousy arm

  4. taurus28@verizon.net

    You seem to have forgotten about a kid named MIKE PELFREY who’s down on the farm and waiting to come up to the bigs,which I’m sure he will.And…….if they trade Milledge,who’s in left field next year when Cliff Floyd is gone??One more thing—Chad,Albert Pujols is NOT a rookie.

  5. SomeBallyard

    Actually, I agree with you. I love Lastings Milledge and got to watch him play down here in Norfolk. He may very well be a superstar. But then, there are a lot of ifs and buts between here and the Hall of Fame. The Mets are loaded with talent in the field. If they could get a great pitcher out of the deal, I think they should consider it.

    Michael Norton – Some Ballyard


  6. soxfax@massenergy.us

    Have to admit that I haven’t followed the Mets that closely, until the Sox series. But, are you serious? Milledge is batting .241 and you want to put him up as Rookie of the Year? And if his fielding in Fenway is any indication, it’s not great. Besides, Papelbon’s got the RotY locked up.

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